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My name is Liam Llorin, and I live in Baltimore, Maryland. I am an intern at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, researching aircraft aerodynamics and G-force loads on fighter pilots. In my free time, I write Medium articles, read personal development books, hang out with friends, play soccer, workout, and learn code on freecodecamp - I'm quite interested in front-end development, as you can see here! I will be a freshman at Stanford University next year, hoping to major in Computer Science. Go trees!

What have I done?

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Computer Science 101

Early last Summer, I completed Stanford's Computer Science 101 weeks-long course on Coursera. This immersed me in Javascript and introduced me to the hardware within computers and the capabilities (and limitations) they possess.
I have already earned the Beginner's Certification for the Systems Toolkit 11 software from Analytical Graphics Inc and I am currently Master Certified! I look forward to using my aerospace modeling skills this summer working for the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory.

STK Beginner and Master Certifications

ASPIRE Internship

I'm currently an ASPIRE intern at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, researching aircraft aerodynamics within the Space Exploration Sector. I have the privilege of becoming a technical aide at APL this summer.
While I've been a member on freecodecamp for a year, only now am I really taking it seriously, in hopes of earning a Front End Development Certification before Stanford's Move-In Day on September 19th.



On CodePen, I have completed several freecodecamp projects. Feel free to check them out!
As far as non-technical work goes, I have worked at Five Oaks Swim Club for the past four summers (now part-time this summer). After a year as a Cafe employee, I became certified for Bloodborne Pathogens Training and CPR to become a lifeguard.

Five Oaks Swim CLub Lifeguarding

What can I do?

Skilled with...

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Front-End Development


Comprehensive Framework (elements, attributes, inline-styles)


Basic Styling (image manipulation, margin/ padding/ border, font imports)

Responsive Design (media queries, fluid containers)

Font-awesome and Bootstrap


Basic Scripting (for/ while loops, if/ switch statements)

Object-oriented programming (Array and String manipulation)

jQuery (JSON APIs and Ajax, element targeting)

Space Modeling (Master-Certified)

STK Software

STK Pro modeling (analytical and visual terrain, Multi-Hop Links)

AzEl Mask Tool (sensor visibility restriction)

Analysis Workbench (Vector Geometry Tool, angles, temporal calculations)

What do I love?

Lots of things. Take your pick.



I played club through middle school and into highschool, moving up the ranks in the Baltimore Bays teams to play on the '99 Academy. In 2013, I moved to Baltimore Celtic, ranked around 4th in the nation for the u15 and then u16 age groups.


Over the course of varsity, I earned the M.P.S.S.A.A. Minds-In-Motion Scholar Athlete Award (2013, 2014, 2015), Unsung Hero Award (2014), Baltimore County All-Division Team (2014), and Baltimore County All-County Team (2015, 2016). My teammates and I won the County Championship (2015, 2016) as well!


During my four years as a varsity starter at Catonsville High School, I became captain in the playoffs of Sophomore year. I developed confidence and assurity as I led my teammates then and onwards.


As I am (for now) done competitive soccer, I still fool around at the local turf. Occasionally, I have made YouTube videos, check em out if you want!


At Catonsville High School, I became captain in the playoffs of Sophomore year. Leading my teammates then and onwards, I developed confidence and assurity necessary to keep my team focused and motivated.

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